Watermark X 1.10

Source:Flash AV Software Corp.

Digital watermarking is the process of embedding information into a digital signal in a way that is difficult to remove. The signal may be audio, pictures or video, for example. If the signal is copied, then the information is also carried in the copy.
Watermark X is a powerful utility to embed invisible digital watermark information into images/videos. It supports JPEG , Bitmap, AVI, MP4, WMV , etc multimedia formats and can embed up to 100 bytes inforamtion.


* Robustness,the watermark resists a designated class of transformations. Robust watermarks may be used in copy protection applications to carry copy and access control information.
* Perceptibility, the watermark is imperceptible as the original cover signal and the marked signal are (close to) perceptually indistinguishable.
* Capacity, The length of the embedded message can be up to 100 bytes for example for HD video.(Note:Trial version can only embed 3 bytes at most )
* Provide Watermark Viewer can display the embeded watermark information.
* Provide console version to support batch process (Note:only available for register user)

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